Save the Roof: Sponsor a Tile

Jane Austen’s House Museum is launching a fundraising appeal to restore its historic roof, giving the public the opportunity to help secure the House for the future. Last renovated in 1948, its roof is in need of major repairs and the Museum is asking for individuals to sponsor a roof tile, at £15 each or whatever they can personally afford. A special Roof Donations Register containing the names of donors or their nominees will be held in perpetuity in the Museum’s archive.

As a Grade I listed property, the roof renovations require specialist contractors to replace some 30,000 handmade clay tiles, which will help to ensure safe access to the House and preserve its architectural heritage. In addition, the work needs to be carried out carefully so as not to disturb the rare bats that share the site, adding another layer of complication to the project.

Dr Mary Guyatt, Director of Jane Austen’s House Museum said, “70 years in operation and the seasons have taken their toll on the Museum building. We are now appealing to generous members of the public to help preserve the house where Jane Austen lived and wrote. By sponsoring a roof tile, each donor becomes a part of Jane’s legacy, ensuring that future generations of visitors – and bats – can safely enjoy her beloved home.”

All proceeds raised through the campaign will go towards the renovation of the roof at Jane Austen’s House, as part of the Museum’s Jane’s Fund appeal.