Essays on Austen

A collection of essays on Jane Austen's novels, life, house and legacy.

Why Jane Austen’s novels matter

Professor Kathryn Sutherland on why Jane Austen was a pioneer in fiction, breaking new ground in subject and style.

First edition of Pride and Prejudice in three volumes with marbled covers

Jane Austen & emotional intelligence

Professor Fiona Stafford on why reading Jane Austen is (among other things) a lesson in emotional intelligence.

Jane Austen: Wartime Writer

Professor Kathryn Sutherland examines the effect of war on Jane Austen’s life and its influence on her novels.

Hand-coloured lithograph of HMS Canopus

The Brilliance of Pride and Prejudice

Professor John Mullan on why P&P is the most wonderful novel – from scintillating dialogue to living, breathing characters.

Costume in the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice

Dress and textile historian Hilary Davidson reflects on the success of the costumes in Andrew Davies’ ever-popular BBC adaptation.

An Introduction to Jane Austen’s Wardrobe

In an exclusive extract from Jane Austen’s Wardrobe, dress historian Hilary Davidson uses Jane Austen’s letters and surviving articles of clothing to reveal her as a stylish dresser.

Cover of Jane Austen's Wardrobe, by Hilary Davidson. Imprint: Yale University Press