Virtual Learning Sessions

We offer a range of fun and informative virtual learning sessions that you can enjoy from the comfort of your classroom! If you can't visit in person, you can still enjoy and benefit from our expertise, collections and the House itself.

Pride & Prejudice ‘Objects in Focus’ Session

Bring your class on a very special virtual guided tour of Jane Austen’s House and its collections, learning more about Pride & Prejudice as you go.

Led by an expert guide, you’ll discover objects, paintings and stories that reveal the themes, characters and events of the novel, Pride & Prejudice.

Using our beautiful virtual tour, you’ll visit the rooms where Pride & Prejudice was revised and edited, and where Jane Austen read the novel aloud to a neighbour on the very day she received her first copy. You’ll examine portraits of people Jane knew who may have inspired characters in the novel, and objects that help the story come to life.

This light-hearted and enjoyable virtual session offers plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion, and will help your students to access new layers of meaning in the novel, through objects and images.



Virtual School Trip

Our Virtual School Trip is a fun new concept for secondary school students. Bring your class or year group to us for an interactive, inspiring virtual experience without leaving the classroom!

The event can be tailored to suit your group, but usually lasts one hour and consists of an lively introductory talk, a mini tour of Jane Austen’s House using our beautiful virtual tour, and a range of interactive activities, exercises and games. There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and take part!

This fun, informal event will inspire a greater interest in Jane Austen’s life, works and legacy, and can be tailored to suit your needs – would you like a focus on a specific novel, or on creative writing? No problem! Just let us know when you book.




Virtual learning sessions can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Duration is usually one hour, but we’ll work to suit your requirements!

We will provide a link so you can join from the classroom, or students can join from home.

A one hour virtual learning session costs £150, however discounts can be arranged where necessary – please contact us to discuss!

Please email for more details and bookings, or to discuss your needs. 

We are currently able to offer a number of bursary places for online sessions to state schools. Please get in touch via the above email address to find out more.