Dear Kyle

by Collin Atkinson

Dear Kyle,

I have decided to write to you my account of the change in day-to-day life from before and after coronavirus.

Parties, festivals, and theme parks are among the many things I can barely remember or even picture. A time before face masks and social distancing feels like an ancient civilization that once existed, with ruins scattered about the world we know today. As every day passes, I try to grasp onto the hope that someday that ancient civilization of freedom and large gatherings will return to its former glory.

Not only are the coronavirus restrictions a buzzkill on my plans, but the ever-growing pile of work on my desk will not give me a break. Junior year has not only been an educational battle, but a war on my willpower. For better or worse, junior year will always have a permanent spot in my memory. The day-to-day is not so much of a struggle if  I am able to find some time to do something with friends. Most days, I repeat the process of eating, homework, and sleeping. I feel as if I am in a prison where I am tasked by the guards to do a large amount of high school homework in an effort to gain my freedom. On the rare occasion I accomplish my work and get a small taste of freedom, I use that freedom to go out on the usually nice days to skateboard or see a friend. The feeling of freedom that comes from finishing my work gives me the courage and strength to tackle the next day.

The restrictions of coronavirus have taught me to manage time and have given me an incentive to complete my work. I truly miss the summer days where we could have the time to go downtown and skate with our group of friends.

I hope that we can find some time to see each other soon.

Your friend,

Collin A.