Please support our Survival Appeal

The COVID-19 pandemic is a disaster for individuals, businesses and organisations around the world. For us, as for so many, it will be crippling. The impact it will have on our ability to protect this special place could be too much. It is with this in mind that Jane Austen's House has launched our Survival Appeal, calling on our worldwide community to help if they can.

As a registered charity without any regular public funding, we are entirely reliant on income from visitor admissions and purchases. Without this, we may not be able to maintain the House and its priceless collection while our doors are closed to the public.

We know that times are hard for everyone at the moment, but if you have any funds to spare, we would be hugely grateful for your help. All donations will go towards ensuring that when the crisis is over we can re-open and continue to welcome visitors to this special place where Jane Austen lived and wrote. This House that we know means so much to so many.

“Jane Austen’s wit, wisdom and characters have been important to the lives and careers of us both. To visit the rooms in which she imagined her stories and the desk at which she hurriedly scribbled them down is a unique opportunity to step into her world.

Please give what you can to help preserve Jane Austen’s magical, inspiring, beloved House for us all – and for the generations to come.” ~ Laura Wade and Samuel West, Jane Austen’s House 2020 Ambassadors

Please help Jane Austen’s House survive by making a donation now via our JustGiving Appeal page here.

No amount is too small. Thank you!