Stay at Home And Read Jane

The team at Jane Austen's House and Janeites across the globe have come together to read extracts from Jane Austen's letters, written in May 1801. These letters come from a very uncertain period in Jane's life, as the family left their home at Steventon, and arrived in Bath, looking for new lodgings. These letters offer a fascinating insight into Jane's thoughts, opinions and experiences at this time. This project, dedicated to the great Jane Austen scholar Deirdre Le Faye, allow us to explore and share them in a new way. New videos will be added throughout May as Jane writes a letter to Cassandra every week. We share these with thanks and credit to the Oxford University Press.

Letter 35: Jane to Cassandra Austen, Tuesday 5th May 1801

Letter 36: Jane to Cassandra Austen: Tuesday 12th May 1801

Letter: 37 Jane to Cassandra Austen, Thursday 21st May 1801

Letter 38: Jane to Cassandra Austen, Tuesday 26th May 1801