My friend Rose

by Mia Zolotova

Please meet my friend Rose.

She has blue eyes and small nose.

She has gigantic toes.

She is very kind I suppose.

She has pink hair and blue bows.

She can make a love heart pose.

As the wind blows she carefully goes.

She puts on lovely shows

And she is the best friend this world knows!



Mia is 8 years old and lives in Hampshire. She is 50% English, 50% Russian and 100% American! She enjoys reading books, singing, writing stories, playing with her friends and her sister Uma – and she loves ”Hamilton” the musical! She wants to be a lot of things: an artist, a singer, a dancer and a writer. She enjoys looking out of the window (especially at school because she sits right next to the window) listening to the birds, and going places. She usually likes to run around a lot, but right now she has a grazed knee.

Watch Mia read her poem, 'My friend Rose'