An Invitation to Families…

Dear families,

This summer, we invite you to visit Jane Austen’s House. Here you will mingle with the best society, and enjoy a day of ease and distinction.

You are welcome to explore the House and to take a turn around the grounds. (In lieu of a housekeeper, you may wish to take personal direction from our Family Trail).

There is a delightful garden where you can promenade and play games, or sit in the sun with a book. (Books provided!)

You may adjourn to the Bakehouse to practice your accomplishments, from writing with a quill to folding a letter and drawing a portrait miniature.

On arrival you may be simply dressed, but we will provide gowns, coats and bonnets to ensure you are appropriately attired. 

You can partake of iced refreshments in the garden or remove yourselves to the tearoom across the way for a more substantial repast.

There is also a charming playground just a stone’s throw away!

We look forward to welcoming you to our humble abode,

Your affectionate friend, etc etc