New Reimagine Resident: Louise Page

We're delighted to welcome our fourth Reimagine Resident to Jane Austen's House! Louise Page is a writer and artist, who will be creating a mixed media project incorporating storytelling and embroidery. We can't wait to see how this project develops!

Louise Page is a writer and artist from Northumberland. They make work across many mediums including literature, embroidery, theatre, film, audio, artists’ books and journalism. They frequently make work about their lived experiences as a disabled, queer person with a visible difference. They celebrate weirdness in all its forms.

Illustration of Louise Page by Kat Williams

Illustration of Louise Page by Kat Williams

Louise will be using embroidery and narration to tell a story about grief, disability, and getting lost in Jane Austen. Their project will follow a person who has recently lost someone very close to them. They inherited an ipod full of Jane Austen’s novels from this loved one, and whilst listening to the audiobooks, they find themselves taking the form of a bird, and soaring through Jane Austen’s worlds.

Embroidery by Louise Page

Follow Louise’s project and find out more about our creatives in residence on our Reimagine Residents hub.