New Reimagine Resident: Tricia Yu

We're delighted to welcome our third Reimagine Resident, Tricia Yu, a digital illustrator who will be creating an interactive visual novel of Northanger Abbey. We're so excited about this project - the first concept sketches are stunning!

Our third Reimagine Resident is digital artist and illustrator Tricia Yu. She has a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts, where her studies focused on visual arts and other disciplines such as game development, coding, and sound design. Since graduating, she has worked as a freelance illustrator and merchandise designer, and created illustrations for independently published art anthologies.

Tricia: My project will be a visual novel, retelling the first few chapters of Northanger Abbey. I’ve always felt that Catherine Morland was the perfect heroine for this medium! I will be drawing character and background art, and adding music and sound effects, to create an application that can be played on the Jane Austen’s House website. I want to encourage more people to read and appreciate Jane Austen’s stories, and to allow those who already know them to experience the novel in a new way.

I’ve started by creating some character concept sketches after deciding on the art style I want to draw the characters in! I’m using more of a painterly style, but the finished versions will be cleaner and properly polished. I looked at a bunch of fashion plates from Ackermann’s Repository for hairstyles and clothes inspo. I’ve also been focusing on the script, so I can sort out all the art I’ll need.


Check out Tricia’s concept sketches and dialogue mock up below. If you love her style, find more of her work on her website.

Follow Tricia’s project and find out more about our creatives in residence on our Reimagine Residents hub.