🎨 Make a miniature

Portrait miniatures were a popular artform in the Georgian period.

They were quick to make and cheaper than larger portraits, so more people could afford them.

Before the development of photography in the 1840s, portrait miniatures were used as portable keepsakes for loved ones.

Because they were so tiny, they were not hung on the wall but could be held in the hand or carried around in a pocket. Some were set in jewellery such as a ring or necklace.

Here are some of the miniatures in our collection ⬇️

Draw your own!

Painting in miniature is a special skill!

Try your hand at painting a miniature using our tiny frames. Print the sheet at A4 (download link below).

Use a mirror to look closely at your face before you draw or try drawing someone else – see how long you can make them sit still for!