Her works have stood the test of time

Jane Austen’s six novels are more famous and widely read today than ever. In her own lifetime she enjoyed some success, but did not earn much from her book sales, and since she was published anonymously, she enjoyed none of the celebrity we might associate with fame.  In the course of the nineteenth century, her reputation grew, and by 1900 her novels enjoyed much of the phenomenal success we now associate with her name.

Today, her works are read and loved all over the world. They have been translated into almost every known language, adapted for film, theatre, TV and radio, and have inspired countless spin-offs.

Here at Jane Austen’s House, we look after the place where she lived and wrote for the last eight years of her life. Visitors make pilgrimages from all over the world to visit the house, to see the tiny table at which she wrote, and to walk through the rooms she knew.

So if you are picking up one of her novels for the first time, we envy you! We hope you enjoy it, and come back to her works again and again. They get better the more you read them.