Learning Resources

Who is Jane Austen and Why Does She Matter?

A fun introduction to Jane Austen’s works and why they matter. Perfect for anyone studying Jane Austen who wants to know what all the fuss is about!

Teenage Writings Hub

A one-stop shop for Jane Austen’s teenage writings, featuring stories, videos and articles.

About Jane Austen

An ‘About’ section full of facts and figures, including a timeline, life history and a short intro to each novel.

Engraving of Jane Austen, from 'A Memoir of Jane Austen' (1871)

Jane Austen’s House From Home

Online resources for Jane Austen’s House, including a virtual tour and virtual exhibitions.

Further Reading

A handy guide to other online resources you may find useful.

Woman looks at a book of Jane Austen's Chawton Letters in the shop at Jane Austen's House