Knight family Wedgwood china

Object name: Wedgwood creamware serving bowl and plates

Object number: CHWJA:JAH393.1 – 3

Category: Objects

Description: Three items from a Wedgwood dinner service, consisting of an oval serving bowl and two plates, decorated with a pattern of purple and gold lozenges and the Knight family crest.

Made: c.1813

Context: These pieces are part of a dinner set owned by Jane’s brother, Edward Knight. As a frequent guest at her brother’s houses in Godmersham and Chawton Jane must have seen, used and eaten from these dishes many times.

Edward purchased the dinner set in 1813 at the Wedgwood and Byerley Showrooms in St James’s Square. Jane was staying in London at the time and accompanied Edward and his daughter Fanny on their shopping trip, writing home to Cassandra:

‘We then went to Wedgwoods where my Br & Fanny chose a Dinner Set.–I beleive the pattern is a small Lozenge in purple, between Lines of narrow Gold;–& it is to have the crest.’

Jane Austen, 16th September 1813

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