Knight family Wedgwood china

Text by Janet Johnstone, former Volunteer Stewards Manager at Jane Austen’s House

On display in the Dining Room are three pieces of an early 19th century Wedgwood dinner service. It belongs to the Knight family, who are direct descendants of Jane’s brother Edward Knight.

The dinner service was bought by Edward in 1813. Jane mentioned it being purchased in a letter to her sister Cassandra on 16th September. Jane was staying in London with her brother Henry and she talks about her purchases for Cassandra, then goes on to say: ‘We then went to Wedgwoods where my br & fanny chose a dinner set- I believe the pattern is a small lozenge purple between lines of narrowgold- & it is to have the crest.’

The china has been on display at the Museum since it opened in 1949. It is on loan from Edward Knight who was living at Chawton House at that time and is a direct descendant of Jane’s brother Edward.