Subtext: Contemporary Art Inspired by Jane Austen’s House

Subtext is a contemporary art show by MA Fine Art artists bringing together new artworks in response to Jane Austen’s writings, her life, and the socio-political histories between the eighteenth century and the present day. The show can be seen in person at Jane Austen's House in Chawton, or explore it here online!

The show takes the form of thirteen installations, displayed throughout Jane Austen’s House. Ranging from drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, print, installation, film, sound and performance, each piece responds to its environment and to the themes of Jane Austen’s life and work. Each work is accompanied by a ‘Letter to Jane’ written by the artist.

Curated by Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Andrea Gregson at UCA Farnham.

The artworks are displayed over ten rooms and spaces in Jane Austen’s House. Visit them virtually below!

Historic Kitchen ➡️

Chelsea-Anne Salter, My Dearest Emma
video on digital screen, 2022

Drawing Room & Dining Room ➡️

Bridget Harnett, Coal Through Our Veins
wood, glass, silk thread, fabric, paint, 2022

Chea Smart, The Blanket of Nature
textiles, acrylic paint, 2022

Sarah Sellers, Leaving a Mark
Austen quotes, JAH tea infused paper, 2022

Vestibule & Stairwell ➡️

Yun-xuan Shi, Light & Shadow
wood, yarn, 2022

Marble Zhang, Digital Painting
digital oil on canvas, 2022

Jane Austen’s Bedroom ➡️

Rups Cregeen, Octopus
sand cast bronze, 2022

Julia Keenan, Full Immersion
video on digital screen, 2022

Family Room & Legacy Area ➡️

Betty Lau, Flora
2 hand painted books, 2022

Stef Will, Vanishing Traces
video on digital screen, 2022

Courtyard Gallery & Bakehouse➡️

Camila Aguais, Reimaginings
paper, paint and ink, 2022

Robyn Jacobs, Our Day at Alton
video on digital screen, 2022

Marina Aoki, Consist
Video on a digital screen, 2022