P&P Day Quiz: Which supporting character are you?

Jane Austen is known for her timeless and relatable characters, from the smooth Mr Wickham to the bossy Lady Catherine.. but if you were a supporting character in P&P, who would you be?!


You’re being introduced to someone, how do you feel?
A – Optimistic, as long as they like intelligent conversation
B – Intrigued to find out more about them
C – Totally relaxed, you’re good at making friends
D – You’d rather not be meeting anyone (new or otherwise)

You’ve got a free afternoon, how are you spending it?
A – Improving your mind
B – Having some visitors around
C – Going to town and socialising
D – Reading somewhere quiet

Someone is playing the piano, are you:
A – Wishing you were the one performing – music is your life
B – Happy to listen (but know if you’d ever learnt, you’d be much better than them)
C – Thinking about getting everyone up for some dancing
D – Hoping they stop soon, you’re not fond of the noise

If you had to pick a fault, you’d say you:
A – Can’t always read the mood of the room
B – Offer a lot advice that isn’t wanted
C – Exaggerate your stories too much
D – Don’t listen to other people’s advice

Your friend has just told you they’re thinking of doing something you believe is improper, you would:
A – Tell them the risks in a factual manner
B – Firmly tell them not to
C – Go along and join the fun
D – Let them do it, you’re sure they’ll be fine

You’re at a dinner party and there’s a silence, what would you do to start a conversation?
A – Tell everyone about the book you’re reading
B – There won’t ever be a silence if you’re there
C – Tell a story about your childhood
D – Whisper a funny remark to the person next to you

Your friends would describe you as:
A – Determined and intelligent
B – Confident and self-assured
C – Fun, but not good with money
D – Reserved and private


MOSTLY A – You got Mary Bennet!
Mary is the middle Bennet sister who sometimes feels like the odd one out. She is ‘a young lady of deep reflection’ and proud of her intelligent mind and her accomplishments.

MOSTLY B – You got Lady Catherine de Bourgh!
Lady Catherine takes command of every room she is in and likes to know everything about everyone. Her ‘great condescension’ has no limits and she loves to give out advice (especially when it’s not asked for).

MOSTLY C – You got Mr Wickham!
Mr Wickham can easily make friends, but isn’t so good at keeping them. His ‘very pleasing address’ makes him great company at a party, but not everything is as it seems…

MOSTLY D – You got Mr Bennet!
Mr Bennet is ‘a mixture of quick parts, sarcastic humour, reserve, and caprice’, who generally prefers to spend his time in his library. He tries not to get involved in other people’s business and he certainly doesn’t want to hear anything about lace.