Which Pride & Prejudice Character Are You?

We're getting excited for Pride & Prejudice Day on Friday! Prep for the big day by checking which P&P character you are most like, using our handy quiz!

1. You are attending a dance, are you

A. Determined to dance the whole night
B. Staying close to the friends you came with
C. Entertaining your fellow partygoers with funny stories
D. Complimenting the host on what a fine party it is


2. You’ve just rejected a suitor, what was the reason?

A. They were too dull
B. They were too forward
C. You don’t like their behaviour towards others
D. They didn’t fully appreciate the advantages of marrying you


3. You have a free afternoon, how are you spending it?

A. Going to town to shop (and hear the latest gossip)
B. Sitting quietly, perhaps reading or writing a letter
C. Going on a walk to get some fresh air
D. Practicing your compliments


4. If you had to pick a fault, you’d say you

A. Are over-excitable
B. Struggle to make a good first impression
C. Can come across as a bit judgmental
D. Are a people pleaser


5. You’re at a dinner and there is a silence, what would you do to start a conversation?

A. Share some fresh news and gossip
B. Nothing, you’d wait for someone else to talk
C. Tell an amusing story to lighten the mood
D. Compliment the dinner, the house, and the company.


6. If someone were trying to impress you, they should

A. Host a large, extravagant party
B. Show they’re cultured and well read
C. Take care of their friends and family
D. Have traditional values and be well behaved


7. Lastly, your friends would describe you as

A. Fun and energetic
B. Trustworthy and loyal
C. Witty and clever
D. Ambitious and determined



Mostly A = You got Lydia Bennet!

wild, noisy, and fearless’, the youngest Bennet sister is definitely the most lively. Lydia loves flirting, gossiping, dancing, and anyone in a red coat. She livens up any party and certainly knows how to keep people on their toes.


Mostly B = You got Mr Darcy!

The rich and handsome Mr Darcy may not always make a great first impression and his proposals could use a bit of work, but to his closest friends and family he is ‘just, sincere, rational, honourable, and perhaps agreeable’.


Mostly C = You got Elizabeth Bennet!

One of the most beloved heroines in all of literature, Elizabeth Bennet is delightfully witty and she has ‘a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in any thing ridiculous’ . Sometimes a bit quick to judge, but she’ll always look out for her closest loved ones.


Mostly D = You got Mr Collins!

Cousin to the Bennet family, Mr Collins certainly aims to please wherever he goes. He spends his time ‘arranging such little elegant compliments’, and is not opposed to the odd name-drop – has he mentioned his esteemed patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh?

If that’s got you in the mood, why not find out more about Pride & Prejudice Day on 28 January – including ways to celebrate and our programme of online events you can join from home!