Watch our mini film of Mr and Mrs Bennet!

We're delighted to share a mini film of the opening scene of Pride and Prejudice, in which Mr and Mrs Bennet discuss Mr Bingley's arrival at Netherfield..

This scene was filmed in the Drawing Room of Jane Austen’s House, where Jane Austen first read aloud from a published copy of Pride and Prejudice on 27 January 1813.

210 years later, we filmed two brilliant actors giving their interpretation of Mr and Mrs Bennet, in this beloved novel’s opening scene.

This film was made as part of our Art Fund Reimagine project, which has seen us make a series of videos of short extracts from Jane Austen’s novels, for use in our learning programmes.

This extract from Pride and Prejudice was performed by Jeany Spark and Joseph Chance; directed by Dominic Gerrard.

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