Reimagine Resident: Embroideries

Louise Page embarked on their residency project with an idea for a story based around an iPod full of audiobooks of Jane Austen's novels. The finished result is a stunning collection of embroideries inspired by the House, which illustrate a mini comic book telling a weird and wonderful story...

We are delighted to share Louise’s embroideries and their mini comic – both on display in the House itself and here online!

For their project, Louise has used embroidery and narration to tell a story about grief, disability, and getting lost in Jane Austen. “The Leap” is a mini comic, illustrated using embroidery . Read it here

We think the embroideries also stand alone as a beautiful testament to the House and to Jane Austen’s legacy.

An embroidered version of the wallpaper in the Dining Room.

An embroidery of Jane Austen’s writing table.

A sketch in thread of the outside of the house.

A portrait of Jane Austen, based on a contemporary image – I have used rich reds and purples to express her personality.

Based loosely on a Regency painting by an unknown artist, I created an image of Jane Austen in red, present in the moment, whilst her sister Cassandra reads a letter she has written, from far away. I wanted to create an image that showed how close the sisters were even when they were physically distant from each other.

Based on Cassandra’s 1804 portrait of her sister.

Jane Austen’s House Reimagine Residencies are generously funded by Art Fund.