Your Visit: What to Expect

Jane Austen’s House is the most treasured Austen site in the world. Purchase a ticket and enjoy unlimited visits for a whole year! Read on for what you'll find on your visit here...

Here, in this inspiring Hampshire cottage, Jane Austen lived for the last eight years of her life. Here her genius flourished and she wrote, revised and had published all six of her globally beloved novels: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

Today, Jane Austen’s House is a cherished museum with an unparalleled collection of Austen treasures, including items of furniture, paintings and household objects. Visitors can discover Jane’s personal letters and first editions of her novels, items of jewellery that she cherished, portraits of her friends and family, and the tiny writing table at which she wrote. Find out more about the collection

Visitors can explore the rooms where Jane lived and wrote, from the sunny Drawing Room where she practiced the piano every morning, and where she read Pride and Prejudice aloud to a neighbour on the very day she received her first copy, to the vibrant green Dining Room where she wrote, and the cosy bedroom upstairs that we believe she shared with her beloved sister Cassandra.

After Cassandra’s death in 1845, the House underwent some changes to accommodate labourers’ families from the Chawton Estate. We have done our best to return the rooms to their historic layout, with pieces of original furniture and reproduction wallpapers carefully reprinted from historic designs. Find out more about the history of the House

As well as period rooms, the House includes ‘museum rooms’ in which we display precious items from the collection in secure display cases. These also allow us to put on small, temporary exhibitions, or to display highlight objects. We aim to always have a letter and a first edition on display.

Immersive audio and subtle historic scents throughout the House evoke the atmosphere of a bygone era. The gentle sound of piano music drifts from the Drawing Room, the buzz of quiet conversation, excerpts from Jane’s novels and letters, drifts down from the bedroom. The chiming of the grandfather clock and the creak of footsteps on the historic floorboards all add to the charm and atmosphere of this special place.

Visitors can step back in time and follow in Jane’s footsteps as they explore the rooms where she lived and wrote, discover objects and stories that inspired her, and learn about her writing life.

Families (and the young at heart!) can enjoy a range of hands-on activities, including Regency letter writing, draw a portrait miniature, design a bonnet and dressing up!

The pretty cottage garden is the perfect place to sit or stroll after exploring the House. Find out more

The gift shop is well stocked with Austen treats and treasures. Stock up on gifts, books, jewellery and much more! Find out more

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