18 Oct — 21 Apr 2024

This colourful display dives into the brutal and hilarious world of Georgian cartoons that Jane Austen and her contemporaries would have known well. From Royalty, politics and world events to food, fashion and culture, nothing was safe from the caricaturists of the day.

From their print shops in Piccadilly, the Georgian caricaturists turned satire into an artform, giving a platform to grievances against the ruling classes, taking on the British establishment and forever changing the way we view power.

We’re delighted that this display has been guest curated by acclaimed historian Alice Loxton, inspired by her best-selling book UPROAR!: Satire, Scandal and Printmakers in Georgian London.

Watch Alice introduce her display! ⬇️


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This display will run until 21 April 2024 and is free with House entry!

If you can’t make it to Chawton, you can view an online version of the exhibition here 💻