Online: Artist Talk by Molly Lambourn

Wednesday 30 June
7:00pm — 8:00pm

Join our Artist in Residence Molly Lambourn as she hosts an online Artist Talk with Jane Austen’s House. Molly is a Fine Artist from Kent, using drawing to explore gender history, connecting the experiences of women throughout history to her own. Her work is a host of untold stories, shared experiences and an exploration of the radical decadence of all things feminine.

Molly has spent her residency exploring new and alternative visions of Jane Austen, her characters and her life. In Molly’s own life, Jane Austen has been a huge inspiration; she has enjoyed endlessly reading and exploring her life and works.

In this live, online event, Molly will share her experiences with Jane Austen, how she inspires her and the work she has created during her residency, followed by a Q&A to share our love of all things Jane.

Date: 30th June

Time: 7pm – 8pm (British Summertime)



Find out more about Molly’s residency here.