Our Courtyard Restoration Project Has Begun!

Restoration work on the historic Courtyard Buildings at Jane Austen's House is now underway!

We are currently carrying out vital restoration works to the historic Courtyard Buildings. The main House is unaffected by this work (and is as beautiful as ever!) but during this project, entry to the House will be via the garden gate. Our Gift Shop will also be housed in the Historic Kitchen (next to the main entrance of the House) while the restoration works are taking place. Please follow the signs on arrival and head to the Historic Kitchen Gift Shop to check in or purchase tickets.  Please check our seasonal opening hours before visiting and we recommend pre-booking your tickets.

The Courtyard Buildings have always been a vital part of Jane Austen’s House. They are the engine room of the home, housing the Bakehouse, with its amazing brick bread oven and copper for heating water, deep cellars for storing food over the winter, offices, store rooms, and even the privy! We still need your help to further restore these treasured buildings and bring their lost histories back to life. Find out more and donate to help guarantee the future of these vital buildings.