Clueless dolls

Object name: ‘Clueless’ dolls

Object number: CHWJA:JAH369.1-3

Category: Objects

Description: A collection of three dolls inspired by the ‘Clueless’ TV series, 1996 – 1999. The dolls represent the characters of Cher, Dionne and Amber. Cher wears a blue jacket and matching mini skirt; she holds a mobile phone, pink teddy bear backpack and pink feather pen. Dionne wears a purple jacket and matching mini skirt; she carries a black and white dog backpack and a purple and white feather pen. Amber wears a hot pink short sleeved jacket and matching trousers, and carries a yellow animal backpack.

Made: 1996-1999

Context: In 1995, Jane Austen’s Emma was reimagined for the modern world by director Amy Heckerling in her much-loved teen movie Clueless. Transported to 1990s Beverly Hills, Emma – now called Cher – is pretty, privileged and the envy of her entire High School.  Her passions include matchmaking and makeovers and she spends her days hanging out with her best friend Dionne and her protégé Tai (the equivalent of Emma’s friend Harriet). Also like Emma, Cher has a habit of neglecting her own heart, discovering that she is clueless when it comes to her own needs and happiness.

Following the success of the film, Clueless was developed into a television series with an accompanying range of merchandise, amongst which were these character dolls. The dolls each came complete with various accessories including animal backpacks and feather pens.

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