Edward Knight’s cravat

Object name: White linen evening cravat owned by Edward Knight

Object number: CHWJA:JAH118

Category: Object

Description: A white, fine linen hand stitched cravat, pointed at both ends.  The cravat is embroidered with the initials ‘E.K.’ and measures 22.5cm x 87cm

Made: 1812-1852. This reflects the year that Edward Austen changed his name to Knight and the year of his death.

Context: The wearing of cravats by gentlemen in England was popularised by Beau Brummell in the early 19th century. In the early part of the century, all cravats were white and books were published to demonstrate the many intricate ways a fashionable gentleman could fold and knot his cravat.

This cravat belonged to Jane’s third brother Edward, who changed his name from Austen to Knight on inheriting the Knight estates from his third cousin in 1812. It was probably made for him by one of the ladies in his family and was donated to the Museum by one of Edward’s great-granddaughters.

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