Jane Austen Undressed

'Jane Austen Undressed' is a display onsite at Jane Austen's House in Chawton, and here online. Enjoy it wherever you wish!

‘I have read the Corsair, mended my petticoat, & have nothing else to do.’
Jane to Cassandra, Saturday 5 March 1814

Beneath their elegant gowns, Regency ladies wore layers of undergarments which gave a foundation to their dresses, helped them to maintain an elegant silhouette, preserved their modesty and kept them warm.

In this display we uncover some of these private layers of clothing, from shifts and chemises to stays and petticoats. Discover how they were worn, what they felt like, and how they impacted on daily life.

Rare examples of Regency underwear are displayed alongside iconic pieces from TV and film adaptations, from Elizabeth Bennet’s petticoat to Emma Woodhouse’s stays, and *that* white shirt…

Enter the online exhibition…

Room 1: Regency Bodies

Room 2: Fashioning the Figure