Room 7: Live Posting with Jane Austen

Have you ever used social media to live-post your reactions to a book, film or TV series? Jane’s letters do the same thing! In March 1814, Henry Austen invited his sister Jane to London to help her publish Mansfield Park – even though he hadn’t read it. While Jane anxiously watched him read it for the first time on the journey from Chawton to London, she recorded his real-time responses in her letters to their sister Cassandra. This was when ‘live-posting’ still involved using a post-office! Jane was especially pleased that he liked Fanny Price as a character, as not all the family felt the same.

Here are some of Jane’s comments:

Letter from Jane Austen to Cassandra Austen, 2 March 1814

This is one of Jane Austen’s letters that contains some of her ‘live posts’ about Mansfield Park. It contains details of Jane’s stay in London and Henry’s real-time responses as he read Mansfield Park for the first time. Can you find any of them in the letter?

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