Subtext: Courtyard Gallery & Bakehouse

Camila Aguais
Paper, paint and ink, 2022
Displayed in the Courtyard Gallery

From painterly textures to flat surfaces, these book forms contain a collection of collages and images in response to selected Jane Austen quotes. Drawing from both her books and letters, the viewer is invited to handle the books and experience Austen’s words reimagined by the artist.


Our Day at Alton
Robyn Jacobs
Video on digital screen, 2022
Displayed in the Courtyard Gallery

Our Day at Alton re-enacts the journey Jane may have taken between Chawton and Alton. She writes about her walks and pleasures experienced on days out at Alton in her letters. Movement through space documents the duration of the walk in present time, but alludes to the passage of time leading back to Jane. From one point to another, along the surface, past and future, the film observes walking in multiple dimensions.


Marina Aoki
Video on a digital screen, 2022
Displayed in the Bakehouse

The video repeats the word `consist` in English and Japanese, and silhouettes drawn with chalk show how individual emotions and values can be fixed within daily life. In her novels, Jane Austen uses “romance” as a form to explore human relationships, thought to reveal complex uncontrollable distortions. My work reflects upon her novel Pride and Prejudice, referencing the historical background, the standing and the gender of the characters.

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