Subtext: Family Room & Legacy Area

Betty Lau
2 hand painted books, 2022
Displayed in the Family Room

Flora is an artist’s book, a collection of hand painted flowers, plants, and fungi. My work responds to the variety of floral patterns in the museum, for example, Jane Austen’s patchwork quilt, the wallpaper, dresses, and scarves. My painted flowers responds to those floral patterns creating a dialogue between them.


Vanishing Traces
Stef Will
video on digital screen, 2022
Displayed in the Legacy Area

Vanishing Traces explores energy traces left behind by the Austen women once living and working in the house, now merging with the energy of contemporary women visiting the house. Seeing invisible infrared energy slowly dissipating from the artist’s scarf left on the windowsill next to Jane’s shawl, reminds us that although her physical body has long left the earthly plane, Jane’s legacy and energetic traces remain.