Room 6: Hugo Petrus

2009 Hugo Petrus – published by Marvel
Illustration of Darcy meeting Elizabeth, by Hugo Petrus

Illustration of Darcy meeting Elizabeth, by Hugo Petrus

Now we step into the twenty-first century with a few modern editions of Pride & Prejudice. The first is a comic from none other than Marvel. The comic book is an adaptation of the novel, with adapted text written by Nancy Butler in small text boxes alongside the panels. This edition was illustrated by Spanish comic book artist, Hugo Petrus.

The comic book adaptation acted to bring Pride & Prejudice to the attention of younger audiences who read the Marvel Comics. The style puts the spotlight on facial expressions, with close up shots of Elizabeth as she reads the letter. Petrus also considers the fashion of the Regency period, as we can see in Elizabeth’s Empire-waist coat and pink bonnet. When looking at Darcy’s clothing however, he appears to be dressed very casually for the time. His lack of a top hat and coat demonstrate how Petrus has interpreted the story to appeal to younger audiences, who would identify with the casual clothing, compared to a formal top hat and coat.

Petrus also shows attention to detail in the surrounding environment, such as the trees and the stone wall in the background. The intense autumnal tones used in the environment demonstrate that this is a crucial moment in the plot.