Painting and Poetry: Creatives in Residence 2021

Throughout 2021, we will invite a series of young writers and artists to join us for a digital residency, during which they will create new works inspired by Jane Austen's works, as well as her home, life and legacy. We'll share them here, each month. Check back throughout the year to see what they create!


In the last month of their residency, Ella and Zahra created stunning new works inspired by our winter exhibition – Six Winters: Scenes from Jane Austen’s Life & Imagination – and by Jane’s letters to Cassandra, and their sisterly relationship.

Biscuits inspired by Jane Austen's House winter exhibition, December 2021, by Ella Hawkins


This month, our Creatives in Residence Ella and Zahra have created beautiful new works inspired by an extraordinary patchwork coverlet in the Museum’s collection…


We are delighted to welcome our final Creatives in Residence of the year – artist Ella Hawkins and poet Fathima Zahra will join us for a three month digital residency from October – December.

In the first month of their residency, Ella and Zahra created beautiful (and delicious!) new works inspired by Jane Austen’s portrait and by Mrs Bennet’s husband-hunting mania in Pride & Prejudice.

Two oval biscuits with Jane Austen's portrait painted on them in icing. ©Ella Hawkins


In the final month of their residency, Stephanie and Cameron have created new works inspired by the Austen family quilt, and by a series of children’s books that reimagine Jane Austen’s novels for a young audience.


This month, Cameron and Stephanie were inspired by Gothic fiction, ghosts and images of Jane herself to create a poem that plays with voices and a micro film that mixes live action with animation.


We continue our Creatives in Residence programme by welcoming our third pair of Creatives – writer Stephanie Lyttle and artist Cameron Carr – who join us for a three month digital residency from July – September.

In July, Stephanie and Cameron share the first works of their residency – inspired by our collection of music, dance illustrations and silhouettes.


In their final month of their residency, Molly and Jade drew inspiration from four of Jane Austen’s heroines and an ancient recipe for ink…


In May, Molly Lambourn and Jade Cuttle responded to our summer exhibition, Jane Austen on Holiday, and created exciting new works inspired by Regency holiday resorts, Jane Austen’s love of the seaside, and her last unfinished work Sanditon


We continue our Creatives in Residence programme by welcoming two exceptionally talented creatives – artist Molly Lambourn and poet Jade Cuttle – who join us for a three month digital residency from April – June.

In April, Jade and Molly created new works inspired by the vibrant green ‘Chawton Leaf’ wallpaper in the Dining Room, exploring the strange realities of a leaf-lined room.  Jade’s poem draws out both sinister and idyllic resonances, whilst Molly’s artwork explores the intimacy of historical artefacts and ideas of romance, sexuality and scandal…


In the final month of their residency, Léna and Ellora looked to the House itself for inspiration, creating poems that explore  Cassandra’s experience of living in the House, and a guided tour of the House today, and an artwork that takes a playful look at the House as a space for children.


In February, Léna and Ellora looked at Jane Austen’s teenage writings, her relationship with Cassandra and her love of country walks. They joined us for Love Fest, our Valentine’s Day ‘spectacular’, at which they premiered their new works and shared their process with us.


From January – March we are joined by Ellora Sutton and Léna Gibert. In their first few weeks they worked quickly to each create a new work for Pride and Prejudice Day on 28 January, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the results!

Ellora’s poem ‘I am Mr Darcy’ jumps off the page, full of the sort of wit and sparkle that we love in Austen’s own work. Léna also picked up her pen to examine Mr Darcy, and created a charming and funny series of illustrations that allow us to see the story from Mr Darcy’s point of view…

Our Creatives in Residence

Throughout 2021, we will offer a series of digital residencies to artists and writers, who will create their own new pieces and also work together to share ideas, stories, imagery and a love of Jane Austen!

We’ll share their news, stories and artistic creations throughout the year, and host events where you can meet them!

Fist up, from January – March, we are joined by Hampshire poet Ellora Sutton and French artist Léna Gibert.