Reimagine Residents

From October 2022 to December 2023, we will be inviting a series of young and emerging creatives working in all sorts of disciplines to join us at Jane Austen's House - either virtually or onsite in Chawton - to create new artworks inspired by Jane Austen's life, works and legacy. We'll share them here, as they develop. Check back throughout the year to see what they create!

Call for Creatives!

We are on the lookout for emerging artists and creatives in all sorts of disciplines to join us as Reimagine Residents in 2023.

If you want to make something wonderful inspired by Jane Austen’s life, works or legacy, we want to hear from you!

Find out more…

Meet our Residents:

3. Tricia Yu

We’re delighted to welcome our third Reimagine Resident, Tricia Yu, a digital illustrator who will be creating an interactive visual novel of Northanger Abbey. Find out more and see her first concept drawings!

Dialogue mock up for Northanger Abbey visual novel, by Tricia Yu

2. Laura Klein

Our second resident is Laura, a pianist and historical/performance practice musicologist who is currently pursuing a PhD in musicology from the University of Colorado Boulder. She founded The Jane Austen Playlist in 2019. Her research focuses on the music collection of Jane Austen and the potential impact music and playing had on her writing as a female author in the 19th century.

For her residency project, Laura created two ‘Pride and Prejudice Playlists’ – one for 1813 and one for 2023! Listen to them here…

Laura also performed on site at Jane Austen’s House on 28 January – the anniversary of the first publication of Pride and Prejudice.

1. Jordan Mitchell-King

Our first resident was Jordan Mitchell-King, a dress historian and maker who researches the cultures and embodied experiences of clothing in the past. For her Reimagine project she constructed a pair of Regency stays, documenting her process, and even doing some of her sewing in situ at the House. Find out more…

🎥 Stitching Stays: watch Jordan’s ‘making of’ videos and see her finished stays on display the House!

Our next creatives in residence will be announced soon!

We are hugely grateful to Art Fund, who are funding this exciting project!